1.3 Activity. Educational psychology timeline By Groover Davila Correa

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In History
  • 1492

    Luis Vives: He made observations about the child's nature and the pedagogical situation

  • Pestalozzi y Tiedman comienzan a publicar sus observaciones sobre sus propios hijos.

  • Pestalozzi and Tiedman

    Pestalozzi and Tiedman begin to publish their observations on their own children.
  • Period:
    -330 BCE
    -447 BCE


  • Period: to

    Comenio the father of didactics speaks that "the man without education becomes a brute".

    -Pansophism: Education for all. -Testimonies of the senses. -Modern globalism. Cognitive gradualness.
  • Period: to

    John Locke

  • Period: to


    -Nature is wise, so we must rescue the spontaneity of the student.
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    -Need to build the childish spirit.
    -To base education in psychological science.
    -Advocate for the introduction of mathematical calculation in psychology.
    -Conscious and unconscious notion.
    -Importance of centers or attractive materials on which to base teaching.
    -Cognition - Motivation
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    -Influenced by Rousseau and Pestalozzi.
    -Kindergarden founder.
    -Principles (Harmony between nature and spirit, through play).
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    Galton proposes indicators of differential measures
  • Period: to

    León Tolstoi

    -Founder of a new school for children of farmers.
    - "The lower the constraint required for children to learn, the better the method."
  • Period: to

    William James

    -Father of American psychology.
    -Psychology and education are inseparable.
    Psychobiological concepts of education that take shape in organizing and acquiring important educational habits.
    -Theory of emotions.
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    The Kerschensteiner School of Work: Active - Social Approach.
  • Period: to

    J. Dewey

    -Father of educational philosophy.
    -Educational practice.
    -Experience, but not as science or subjectivity.
    - School is life.
  • Period: to

    J.M. Cattell

    Officialize the test or psychological test.
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    H. Walton

    The origins of the child's thinking.
  • Period: to

    Jean Piaget

    -Psychological justification of the concept of functional education.
    -Genesis of the Cognitive structures.
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    Celestin Freinet proposes some techniques

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    Stability stage of educational psychology