My future: Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come. Prov 31:25

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  • Graduation (W)

    Graduation (W)
    I will take a degree at the university and I will have my bachelor's degree in Spanish and English.
  • Goodbye, Valledupar. (FC)

    Goodbye, Valledupar. (FC)
    In 2023 I will be living in the city of Bogotá.
  • My first job.(FC)

    My first job.(FC)
    This year, I will be working in a school in Bogotá as a Spanish and English teacher.
  • My study (W)

    My study (W)
    I will do a specialization in early childhood education.
  • My home (FP)

    My home (FP)
    I will have bought my own house and it will be very big and very beautiful.
  • Our sweet love (G)

    Our sweet love (G)
    When my boyfriend proposes to me, I'll get married.
  • Other graduation (G)

    Other graduation (G)
    I'm going to study in United States.
  • You and I (PS)

    You and I (PS)
    In this photo I'm married to the love of my life.
  • It's my birthday. (FP)

    It's my birthday. (FP)
    I will have bought the car of my dreams.
  • Art (PC)

    Art (PC)
    I'm learning new techniques in plastic arts.
  • They are my strength (PC)

    They are my strength (PC)
    here I am celebrating with my family my triumphs.
  • The best (FPC)

    The best (FPC)
    My English will be better because I will have been studying it for several years.
  • Bogotá (FPC)

    Bogotá (FPC)
    I will have been living in Bogotá for some years.
  • Family (PS)

    Family (PS)
    And I'm here with my family, my husband, my son and my little dog.