10 obsolete products

Timeline created by Josephharris
  • DynaTAC 8000

    DynaTAC 8000
    The DynaTAC 8000 was the first ever cell phone released. The phone was selling for around 4000 dollars. It took almost 10 hours to charge and only had 30 minutes of talk time. Motorola was the company that released this phone and it was made by Martin Cooper who was a Motorola researcher.
  • SH-100

    The SH-100 was the first ever cell phone that was released by Samsung. The screen was really small so it was almost impossible to see text messages.
  • MicroTAC

    The MicroTAC was the first flip phone that was released. Other versions of this phone were released in 1994.
  • The Nokia 8110

    The Nokia 8110
    This phone was released in 1996. It was designed for the business market and was a very light phone. It weighs around 152 grams. A full charge for the phone would take just over 3 hours.
  • Nokia 3310

     Nokia 3310
    This phone was one of the first phones released in the 2000s. This phone lasted about 3 hours and only had around 3 games to play on it. This phone was sometimes referred to as the Nokia 5146.
  • Iphone 1

    Iphone 1
    Iphone 1 was the first phone released by Apple. The cost was about $500 for a 4 gigabyte and $600 for a 8 gigabyte. This phone was also known as the Iphone 2G.
  • Nexus One

    Nexus One
    Nexus One is the first Google phone. The phone had many problems at the beginning but was updated later to a better version.
  • Iphone X

    Iphone X
    The Iphone X was Apple's 10th anniversary phone. It had a facial recognition system, a 3D camera and a glass body.
  • Iphone 11

    Iphone 11
    The iphone 11 is the newest phone made by Apple. This phone is over 15 cm tall and has a 1 hour longer battery life then the Iphone X.
  • Galaxy Z Flip

    Galaxy Z Flip
    The Galaxy Z Flip is the second phone that Samsung has made this year. The Galaxy X Flip is a flip phone. This phone is over 1300 dollars. When unfolded it looks like a full phone but when folded it is very tiny and can slip into any pocket or bag.