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  • The Journey Begins

    Not my exact birthday-date (for security reasons), but sometime this month - way back when, my Mom got her wish to have a 5th child and 2nd boy. Thanks Mom; I couldn't have done the rest of all this without you & Dad's sacrifices, love, and life lessons.
  • Graduation And Real Life Begins

    Graduation And Real Life Begins
    How exciting, my entrepreneurial days begin... and I am no longer under my parents wing; yet their morales, hard work ethics, and family values made it through the temptations of a great learning and party school. Wheeewh!
    Bachelor of Science - Marketing Management<br>
    Phi Delta Theta (Virginia Eta) - Frank Cox Award
  • 1993 Jan-1995 May Automotive Sales

    1993 Jan-1995 May Automotive Sales
    Sold over 185 new & used vehicles to area families in Manassas, VA (Sheehy Auto Group) & then Richmond, VA (West Broad Auto Group) achieving customer satisfaction index of 95.7%
  • I launch

    I launch
    Web-Infarm-ation: Noun - a collection of gatherings of interesting information, tools, companies, trends, technology, and humor from across the Internet Land. - all gathered and brought to the picnic table to share for free - so you don't have to plow the information fields all day long.
  • Become Involved with BubbleGuru & BubbleTestimonial

    Become Involved with BubbleGuru & BubbleTestimonial
    An extremely powerful marketing tool that many businesses often "forget" or are "too busy" to use, is the testimonial - is a turn-key, affordable solution for any size business that want's to collect and showcase client feedback easily and in an interactive results oriented way. Start a free 30 day trial now! And let me know what you think...