Algodonales November 2007

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  • At last

    Today we flew from Brussels Charloi to Malaga, Spain to do some flying in and around Algodonales, Andalucia.
    Plane left at 12 clock so no hurry. At the airport we met Erik who was comming along too. After a 2.5 hours we arrived at Malaga and another 2 hour drive was waiting. At Algo we found our apparment and moved in. No flying today because of strong winds.
  • First day

    First day
    After a great breakfast at the town square the car was packet. Wind was stil to strong so we went to do some soaring on a small hill half hour drive from Algo. Flew for about an hour till we swa that it was flyable at Algo. Rushed up the mountain and took of. Great thermals with rough edges an we flew till sunset.
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    2nd day
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