Kayla's Major Civil Rights Protests Timeline

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  • Brown v. Board of Education

    Brown v. Board of Education
    1954 Supreme Court case in which racial segregation in public schools was outlawed
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    Major Civil Rights Protests

    These are the major civil right protests.
  • Montgomery bus boycott

    Montgomery bus boycott
    Protest in 1955–1956 by African Americans against racial segregation in the bus system of Montgomery, Alabama
  • Woolworth's sit-in

    Woolworth's sit-in
    The Greensboro sit-ins were a series of nonviolent protests which led to the Woolworth's department store chain reversing its policy of racial segregation in the Southern United States.
  • Freedom Rides

    Freedom Rides
    1961 event organized by CORE and SNCC in which an interracial group of civil rights activists tested southern states' compliance to the Supreme Court ban of segregation on interstate buses
  • Biringham Children's March and boycott

    Biringham Children's March and boycott
    The sanctuary at Sixteenth Street Baptist Church downtown is packed with high school students today ready to take to the streets to commemorate the 1963 Childrens' March and promote a new initiative encouraging educational and social achievement.
  • March on Washington

    March on Washington
    1963 civil rights demonstration in Washington, D.C., in which protesters called for “jobs and freedom”
  • Selma to Montgomery March

    Selma to Montgomery March
    The Selma to Montgomery marches were three marches in 1965 that marked the political and emotional peak of the American civil rights movement