Dehuminization of Slaves

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  • No Guns?

    No Guns?
    Due to the passing of Act X in 1639/40, all persons except negroes are to be provided with arms and ammunition. Therefore, blacks are deprived the rights to use firearms, and shall be fined or arrested if caught in the possesion of a firearm or ammunition. Prior to this law's passing, all men English and Negro alike, were permitted to own a firearm.
  • Gifted Land

    Gifted Land
    Anthony Johnson was granted a partial part of his masters corn field to start a life for himself. According to the court document Anthony Johnson addressed that he was very content for what he had and he did not wish to ask for more. As the document states, some African slaves were granted land if one had a benevolent master. Even though a negro has been deprived of guns, a hard working slave could be an owner a his own plot of land.
  • Period: to


    It shows how Anthony Johnson goes from the proud owner of 250 acres of land and two slaves in his life time, to non-whites being property instead of people in his son's life time and slowly being dehuminized.
  • A New Life.

    A New Life.
    According to the secondary source, after his freedom Anthony Johnson was the proud owner of over 250 acres of land. He also owned a small herd of cattle and two black servants. He had made an honest living for him and his family. Slaves at this time could own land even without his gun at his side, and even own a couple slaves of his own showing some equality to their English counterparts.
  • The Casual Killing of Slaves

    The Casual Killing of Slaves
    Since Act I has been passed, masters have the right to "correct" there disobediant slave since there service couldnt be extended. Masters can brutally beat or kill a slave for being unfaithful, stripping a slave from humanity and being teated now better then livestock. This adds to diminshing progress because slaves are now deprived of guns, land rights, and a single mistake, almost to the point where slaves are objects.
  • Non-whites, Real Estate?

    Non-whites, Real Estate?
    Act XXII declares that negro, mulatto, and indian slaves are no longer human, but considered real estate. All non-whites are now property and can be bought, sold, and treated just as a man was a box or a cow. Becasue of this, slaves have been completely dehuminized and now have the same value in society of a bag of grain.