The Diminishing Progress of Anthony Johnson

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    The Diminishing Progress of Anthony Johnson

  • Document C

    Anthony Johnson goes to court over his slave, John Casar, for a second time. Anthony Johnson wants to get his slave back after he lost him the first time. Anthony wins the case and regains his slave. This goes to saying that a black man could go to court and win. They still weren't treated as well as white men but had the same rights.
  • Act IV

    Negroes and Indians cannot buy Christian slaves. This shows diminishinng progress because whites are making Indians and Negroes more dependent on them. They are making it so that Negroes and Indians have to get supplies from whites to survive. They take away the ability for Negroes and Indians to run farms and buisnesses.
  • Act VIII

    This act is saying that whites are allowed to kill runaway slaves. Free blacks now have to be more careful and cooperative witth whites. This is qualifying Negroes as things more than people. They can be killed and hurt and nobody really cares for them or thier well-being.
  • Chapter IV

    An act declaring that any Negro, Mullato, Indian, or criminal may not bear office. Tis is depriving any free Negroes of thier basic rights. They are as worthless as pigs and chickens now, maybe even less. It is giving whites complete power over everyone and letting them make all of the rules, even if someone doesn't like them.
  • Chapter XXII

    All Indian, Negro, and Mulatto slaves are real estate. This act baisicly wraps it all up. It is saying that Negroes are nothing. Any free Negroes have no rights and are copletely dependent on the white men. This has gone from owning property to being it. Man to dirt.