Diminishing Progress Of The 1600's YMS

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    Diminishing Progress of The 1600's YMS

    This timeline is representing the diminishing progress of the 1600's. Some of the acts passed are very cruel. Other, are just plain wrong. Thank goodness that these laws don't exsist anymore in North America.
  • Anthony Johnson owned 250 acres of land

    Anthony Johnson owned 250 acres of land
    This event shows that before the slave laws were passed, slaves had something. In about 1650, Anthony Johnson was married to Mary and owned 250 acres of land. One event that led up to that was the Indian massacre that happened in 1622. It killed everyone but Anthony and four other men.
  • Act VII

    Act VII
    The act states the black children at the age of twelve were considered tithes (capable of working). It also states the christian slaves would be considered tithes at age fourteen. This event shows diminishing progress because children, regardless of age, should not be considered property or be taxable.
  • Act VI

    Act VI
    The act states that a man would be harshly punished if he stole a hog. The first time he stole a hog, he got thirty nine lashings because the colonists thought forty could kill you. The second time he stole a hog, his ears would be nailed to a wall for two hours and then cut off. This act definetely shows diminishing progress because cutting off ears is just cruel.
  • Negros could run for office before 1705

    Negros could run for office before 1705
    The act states that no black people will hold office after 1705/ when it was passed. It kinda shows tthat black people had a little something before 1705. It shows diminishing progress by opposing on a specific group of people, not letting them have the same right as white people.
  • Negros counted as real estate

    Negros counted as real estate
    This act definitely shows diminishing progress by counting colored people as a piece of furniture. This act goes in hand with the act of the casual killing of slaves, thus showing owners treated the slaves as property. People should never be counted as property because that just basically takes away their rights.