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  • Document A

    This court case shows that Africans can have land. It says that Captain Taylor gave land to Anthony Johnson. This court case was not against societal norms. At the time Negroes who were free often had land. Anthony Johnson was on his way to getting a nice farm started. Right now it seems that Negroes have a lot of potential.
  • Act VI

    Act VI
    This law states that if a slave steals a hog then they will get 39 lashes. A slave may get 39 lashes anyway, because a white man has to say that he saw them steal it. The white man may be lying, but no one would know. This law shows that the standards for slaves are getting lower and lower. It seems that the white men will use any excuse to make slaves lower than them. This is ANOTHER law that takes more and more away from the slaves by beating them harshly.
  • Act 1

    Act 1
    This law states that it is OK to kill slaves sometimes. White leaders thought that killing slaves was the only way to show the slave consequences. The law shows that slaves are no longer completely safe in the colonies. This law was only 1 of the many laws that took away the rights of blacks. This law is inhumane and wrong, but it DOES NOT go against the societal norms.
  • Act IV

    Act IV
    This law states that only white men can bear office. It takes almost all hope away from the Africans. They now know that they cannot hold office, and make things better for their kind. White men could hold office, and make rules that fit their life style. Most of the time this did not benefit the Africans. This was the colonial leaders making another law to prevent Negroes from becoming free.
  • Act XXII

    Act XXII
    This law shows that the white men are at their last step of taking away all the rights of blacks. They have officially made Africans, Mulattos, and Indians, real estate. They have taken away their humanity. White men have been working towards this law for about 50 years now. The blacks have no human rights now. The white men have finished their plan, and now it looks like Africans will always be less than white men