Antonio a slave

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  • Period: to

    Anthoney Jhonson and son diminishing progress

  • Document C

    Document C
    Anthony Johnson returns to court over John Cesar, his slave. This shows that at that point, a Negro can own slaves and bring them to court. This also shows that he could bring a white man to court and win.
  • Act III

    Act III
    The act said that baptizing your slaves doesn’t exempt them from bondage. This shows that the white men are more interested in cheap labor than being fair to Negros, and now it's easier to get slaves for life than before. And it's harder to be free than before.
  • Act VI

    Act VI
    This is an act declaring the punishments for the first and second hog stealing. This act defiantly shows that the whites don't think of Negros as slaves instead of people. For the first hog stealing the Negros get 39 lashes to the back. (They do 39 lashes because 40 is said to kill them. So they want to be as mean to them as possible without killing them.) And for the second hog stealing they nail both ears to a board and cut them off close to the nail.
  • Act I

    Act I
    This act is about the casual killing of slaves. This shows that people are looking at slaves as though they’re not human, they’re animals or aliens. This shows that the Negros are going from being people to not being more alien like.
  • chapter XXII

    chapter XXII
    This act declares that Negro, Mulatto, and Indian slaves are considered property. And now you’re not even considered human, you’re considered property or real estate with no rights of your own. The diminishing progress for me is you came from owning property to being property.