Bill Gates Achievements

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  • Bill Gates enrolles in Lakeside schools.

    Bill Gates enrolles in Lakeside schools.
    Lakeside was a private school, where Bill meet one of his good friends Paul Allen.
  • Bill Gates enters Harvard

    Bill Gates enters Harvard
    Bill entered Harvard with the ententions of getting his pre-law majors, but quickly switched to technology and graduated with max level mathematics and science courses.
  • Gates calls MITS

    Gates calls MITS
    Bill called MITS from his dorm room asking them if they would let him develope software for their computers.
  • "Microsoft"

    Gates and Allen register the trademark "Microsoft". Gates writes a letter to computer hobbyists.
  • Leaving Harvard

    Leaving Harvard
    Gates leaves Harvard and sets up Microsoft in Albuquerque N.M. where MITS is headquartered.
  • Money made from Microsoft in one year!

    Money made from Microsoft in one year!
    at the end of the year of 1978 Bill Gates's "Microsoft" ahd already made 1 million$. Gates Gains a huge reputation for being tough.
  • Microsoft relocates

    Microsoft relocates
    Microsoft Headquarters relocates to Bellevue, Wash. near Gates's hometown.
  • Microsofts investments

    Microsofts investments
    Microsoft buys the rights to the operating system "DOS" form Seattle Computer Products. Microsoft modifies the "DOS" and renames it "MS-DOS".
  • Bill Gates youngest billionaire

    Bill Gates youngest billionaire
    at the age of 31 Gates is teh youngest Billionaire ever.he meets his future wife at a Microsoft event in N.Y.