Chapter 25.2 the unification of germany Alex farmer, tyler stabrawa, ayrnan hernandez

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  • Bismarcks rise to power

    Bismarcks rise to power
    He opposed democrecy and parliamnt. he wanted to expand Prussia and wanted more money for the military but parliament didnt agree. but he collected taxes anyway
  • The Danish War

    The Danish War
    king christian IX took danish throne and proclaimed a new costitutuion. Prussia and Austria wanted it revoked. denmark refused so they declared war on denmark. the war ended three months later.
  • the seven weeks war

    the seven weeks war
    Prussian influence expanded. Bismark provoked austria to declare war on prussia over the ongoing shleswig and holstein dispute
  • The franco prussian war

    The franco prussian war
    Bismark had to pursuade the independent states in southern germany to join the north german confederation. king willian sent a telegragm to france but bismark edited it so it sounded like it insulted the french ambassidor. the french were out raged and declared war on prussia. and the southern german states united to fight the french threat
  • Formation of the greman Empire

    Formation of the greman Empire
    represenitives of the allied german states met in the hall mirrors at the palace of versailles near paris,they declared the formation of the german empire including all german states exluding austria