Chapter 25.2 The Unification of Germay aidan

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  • Prussia defeated

    Prussia defeated
    Napolean I defeated Prussia and took control of the country for several years. He took Prussias land. Napolean limited the size of Prussias army. And made Prussia lend France soldiers and money.
  • Period: to

    Unification of germany

  • German Confederation

    German Confederation
    in 1815 The Congress of Vienna formed the German Confederation. It was group of states the included Prussia. By adding Prussia the Greman Confederation gained a stronger economy.
  • Bissmark & Prussia togather

    Bissmark & Prussia togather
    Sir Wiliam I became king of Prussia in 1861. In his 1st year he appointed Otto Von Bismark to his Cabinet. Bismarck wanted to turn Prussia into a ruthless war machine. He did.
  • The Danish War

    The Danish War
    King Christian IX gain control of the Danish thrown and wanted a new constitution, but the the people and both Austria and Prussia did not want that. So Prussia and Austrai declared war ageinst Denmark. Before four months of fighting Denmark surrendered.
  • Seven Weeks War

    Seven Weeks War
    Prussia and Austria were arguing over who gets the countries Shleswig and Holstein. Thn Austria declared war on Prussia. The Treaty of Prague ended the Seven Weeks War. The German Confederation disolved and the Nourth German Confederation formed.
  • The Franco-Prussian War

    The Franco-Prussian War
    King William I sent a telegram to the French that sounded like he was insulting the french Ambasador. Whenit was published the French were so enraged they declared war. In september Napoleans gverment fell then surrenedered. In Janurary 1871 Th french surrenedered.
  • Formation Of The German Empire.

    Formation Of The German Empire.
    Representives of each of the allied German states met in Paris. they concluded that they would make all the states an empire besides Austria. Berlin was named the capital. And Bismarck was named prime minister.