13 Colonies

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  • Roanoke

    The Roanoke colony disappeared and no one knew where they went.
  • Jamestown

    The english made it to Jamestown it was the first settlement to stay.
  • The Drought

    The Drought
    The drought at Jamestown lasted six years. It killed all of there crops.
  • 13 Colonies

    13 Colonies
    The thirteen colonies were established
  • Pocahontas

    Pocahontas saved John Smith from getting executed
  • The Indians Attack

    The Indians Attack
    More than 200 Indians attacked Jamestown. 12 people were attacked, but only two died.
  • Tobacco

    They found the crop tobacco and it was the first cash crop in Jamestown.
  • Slave Trade

    Slave Trade
    The first boat of slaves went to America they were able to grow more crops
  • Plymouth

    The settlers landed at Plymouth instead of Jamestown because winter was coming fast.
  • Virginia

    Virginia became royal colony it was ruled by the king
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