Battles Won by the Union

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  • Battle of Fort Henry

    Battle of Fort Henry
    Fort Henry was the center line of the Confederates. When the Union attaked they planned on seperating the Confederates. The South surrendered to fleet. This gave the Union controll over the Tennessee River.
  • Battle of Shiloh

    Battle of Shiloh
    This is the first battle where the Union was in the West. General Grant (Union) trooped his army toward the west and camped on high ground. They were attacked by surprise by the Confederates. This was one of the bloodiests battles won by the Union.
  • First Day Battle of Fair Oaks (Fair Pines)

    First Day Battle of Fair Oaks (Fair Pines)
    The Union was ordered to protect the way for McDowell's army on their way to General Mecellan (Union) to help with the battle in Richmond. The Confederates spotted them in Fair Pines (Seven Pines) and attacked from the side of the road.
  • Second Day Battle of Fair Oaks (Fair Pines)

    Second Day Battle of Fair Oaks (Fair Pines)
    General Sumner (Union) came to help teh Union on the second day of the battle. At first the Union was losing because they were outnumbered by the Confederates. But when Sumner's army arrived the Confederates gave up and ran.
  • Battle of Antietam

    Battle of Antietam
    In the battle of Antietam, Gerorge B. McClellan (Union) confronted Lee's (Confederate) army in the northern territory. This was the first major battle for the Union in the Civil War. It was the most bloodiest single-day battle. There were 23,000 casualties in it.
  • First Day Battle of Gettysburgh

    First Day Battle of Gettysburgh
    General Meade (Union) found out that Lee (Confederate) and his army were coming to Gettysburgh because they needed food. Meade sent horses and some men to find a good campsite ahead of his army. The men chose a ridge so when they were attacked they could just move to the second ridge and then to the hills. This was the start of the Gettysburgh battle.
  • Second Day battle of Gettysburgh

    Second Day battle of Gettysburgh
    The Union moved up to the second ridge and gave up Gettysburgh. Then the Union was drawn up in two sweeping arcs. The two seperate parts were about 1 mile apart. The South tried to attack from the sides (flank).
  • Third Day Battle of Gettysburgh

    Third Day Battle of Gettysburgh
    The third day of the Gettysburgh battle was remembered because of the disastrous infantry assult nicknamed "Pickett's Charge". This is when Lee's (Confederate) army charge into the middle of the Union army insted of going to the sides. The Union did not give up and beat the South. This is the end of the Gettysburgh battle.
  • Battle of Vicksburgh

    Battle of Vicksburgh
    The battle of Vicksburgh was a seige that lasted from November 1862 to July 4, 1863. General Grant lead the siege on Vicksburgh and finally captured it. The Union wanted Vicksburgh so they would have control over the Mississippi river and they could seperate the Confederacy.
  • Battle of Chattanooga

    Battle of Chattanooga
    The battle at Chattanooga was the turning point of the Civil War. This battle was an opening for the Union for invasion into the deep South at the last moment and the possibility to capture Atlanta to influence the 1864 Congressional and presidental election.
    General Bragg (Confederate) had captured Chattanooga and cut the Unions food supplies off. Then General Roscrans (Union) was replaced by General Grant. Grant broke the seige and drove the Confederate army from their place in the mountians.
  • Questions for you

    Questions for you
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