1600-1700 Timeline

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  • The Colony of Jamestown Established

    The Colony of Jamestown Established
    Englishmen set sail and built Jamestown which is the first permanent English colony in the United States.
  • Southern Slavery Begin

    Southern Slavery Begin
    A Dutch Slave ship sold 20 Africans to the Virginia colony of Jamestown
  • Establishment of Plymouth Colony

    Establishment of Plymouth Colony
    Pilgrims from England established this colony in Massachusetts. The Pilgrims came looking for religious freedom. They came over on a ship named the Mayflower.
  • Navigation Act of 1651

     Navigation Act of 1651
    The Navigation Act forced all merchants to ship good directly to England
  • Bacon’s Rebellion Began

    Bacon’s Rebellion Began
    Summer of 1675 started with an argument over pigs. The Doeg people came to see Thomas Mathew on his plantation in Virginia to collect a debt that he needed to pay them. He would not pay them, so the Doeg people took some of his pigs as payment.
  • King Phillip’s War

    King Phillip’s War
    Also known as the First Indian War. The Indians were trying to stop the English from settling on their land. Brought an end to Native American power in New England.
  • Glorious Revolution

    Glorious Revolution
    Also called the “Bloodless Revolution” happened in England. King James II who was Catholic was replaced by his daughter, Mary, who was a Protestant.
  • Invention of the Steam Engine Pump

    Invention of the Steam Engine Pump
    Thomas Savery built the first steam engine. He was an English engineer who wanted to figure out how to pump water out of coal mines.