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  • Trade With The Makasar

    Trade With The Makasar
    The Aboriginal traded with the Makasar which was groundbreaking and started the current trades between Asia and Australia. It has been super important to Australia since Asia gets a lot from Australia and vise versa. This is certainly terrific because it has shaped Australia but trading causes no harm.
  • The First Fleet Arrived In Australia

    The First Fleet Arrived In Australia
    Captain Arthur Phillip brought them here. The First Fleet had never been to Australia and the aboriginals were not used to having guests. This day has been remembered by Australia Day but not everyone agrees. Some people call it invasion day. A lot of people may not be alive and Australia would certainly not look this way. This has affected the future by changing how we live. The First Fleet would certainly feel terrific, proud and accomplished but the Indigenous Australians would be terrified.
  • Merino Sheep Introduced

    Merino Sheep Introduced
    Merino sheep were introduced giving Australia the opportunity to sell wool. Wool made Australia a lot of money and to this day Australia produces more then 50% of the Merino wool. Wool also travels super well which helped when shipping to other places. It has effected Australia a lot as we have a lot of Farmers creating wool and it's a great money maker. This is certainly a terrific event. Henry Waterhouse and Lieutenant William Kent brought 26 sheep to Australia.
  • The First Public Hospital Opened

    The First Public Hospital Opened
    Only limited people would have access to a hospital, medicine or a nurse so it would be groundbreaking for a lot of people. Hospitals are continuing to improve but everyone has access to one. There are lots of people in the medical field and thousands of hospitals. Now all the staff and equipment are in one place. This is much better then having a single person only having what they can carry. This is a terrific event as it is helping many people.
  • New Zealand Becomes A Separate Colony

    New Zealand Becomes A Separate Colony
    In 1841 the Islands of New Zealand were separated from the New South Whales colony ending more then 50 years of confusion. New Zealand still is it's on country lead by it's own people and have their own rules. Australia would be a very different place without this event. It is terrific and added to the Earths country list. This could of been terrible as it is excluded them but it worked out great.
  • The Gold Rush

    The Gold Rush
    There was lots of gold found in the one place and a lot of migration. from Europe and Asia. In Ballarat there is Sovereign Hill you can go gold mining. Many people came from over seas increasing the population and making it a more multicultural country. Some poeple got rich so much gold was found but there were terrible conditions and diseases.
  • Victoria Became A Colony

    Victoria Became A Colony
    Victoria was separated from New South Whales to create another state down the bottom but above Tasmania. Victoria is one of the most popular Australian states with a population coming close to New South Whales. Victoria also has 10 of the 18 AFL teams along with a fascinating history in Ballarat. This is a terrific event and has truely shaped Australia.
  • Eureka Stockade

    Eureka Stockade
    The first war those people will have fought in it was in the time of the gold rush. In Ballarat there is a museum all about the Eureka Stockade along with the flag they put up at the war. It has had a great impact to make Australia how it is today. Sometimes called the birthplace of Australia democracy. The flag symbolises independence. This is a terrible event for those involved but terrific for how its effected Australia. Peter Lalor did not like what rights everyone had so he started the war.
  • Carlton Vs Melbourne

    Carlton Vs Melbourne
    The first footy game is very groundbreaking and no one would of experienced any footy games. Carlton and Melbourne are still clubs and many people spend their weekend watching the footy. It would be hard to imagine anyone’s life without footy and it is so important some schools have a whole day for it. Every weekend all the teams play each other until the grand final which is a big day. This may be terrifying if you haven’t played because it is rough but it is a terrific event.
  • The First Olympian

    The First Olympian
    Edwin Flack was Australia's first Olympian being a champion 800m and 1500m runner. He was an accountant. Being the first Olympian from Australia it was strange and crazy and amazing. We now always participate. The Olympics was even held in Sydney. It is a terrific event and an important part of Australia now.