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  • Jamestown

    The first successful settlement was Jamestown founded by joint stock companies and was successful after john smith came and led everyone with his system: you had to work to eat
  • Salutary neglect

    Salutary neglect
    England thought letting the colonies govern themselves for a while since they weren't very high of a priority for them would lead to greater trade success. They were so used to self government for the 100 year period that they didn't want to join back into the english government.
  • house of burgess

    it was the first form of government, it was held at churches in jamestown and it was the first time colonies elected representatives
  • Navigation Acts

    these acts required all trade between the colonies and britain to happen in british ports. This restricted trade of the colonies to only britain which allowed britain to prosper but the colonies could only trade with britain
  • Halfway Covenant

    Church membership was declining so people who weren't converted and not able to members of the church could now go to church and allowed partial membership.
  • Bacon's rebellion

    Bacon's rebellion
    This rebellion was led by Nathanial bacon and consisted of indentured servants fighting for the land they were promised for working. They were given no land and ended up fighting for it, this led to a decline in indentured servants and a need for slavery
  • King phillips war

    King phillips war
    (1675-1676) this war took place between the colonies and multiple native american tribes. King phillip, the king of a larger tribe, was tired of Puritans taking their land so him and other native tribes came together and fought the puritans but ended up losing.Although the Natives lost colonies and them had fewer conflicts due to the huge loss on both sides
  • Age of Enlightenment

    European writers believed that human reason was used to combat tyranny and ignorance to build a better world. They used science to fight the "evils" of catholic church. American leaders (George Washington, benjamin franklin etc ) were influenced by this and created separation of church and state. Natural law and freedom were influenced by this and french philosophers.
  • First Great Awakening

    (1730s-1740s) Brings the people together through religion and accepted all religions as long as they could find salvation. People like Jonathan Edwars influenced alot with sermons like "sinners in the hand of an Angry God". People started reading the ible in their homes which led to decentralization of the church which led to individual freedom of worship. New colleges were also found based on religion also.
  • Zenger case

    Printer Jon Zenger created articles about the NY governor who had him arrested for 10 months, the trial concluded his articles excluded the truth. His attorney concluded that the stories were made but they weren't liable unless they were false. The trial ended in Zenger being not guilty and was one of the first acts of Freedom of the press
  • Stono rebellion

    This was a slave rebellion where slaves gathered and stole weapons then went south to Charleston and killed 20 white people. The spanish had promised freedom to any slave that could reach St. Augustine in Florida and they tried to make it. This rebellion led to all the people involved being killed and stricter rules on slaves