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  • first continental congress

    delegates from the 13 colonies, except for Georgia, met in Philadelphia. the first continental congress to organize colonial resistance against Parliaments coercive acts.
  • Lexington and concord

    first military engagements in the revolutionary war. British troops tied to take colonist military's supplies in Lexington and concord. but the retreated and Americans won the war
  • declaration of independence

    colonies declared independence from Britain
  • articles of confederation

    the greatest concern was protecting the liberty f the states and limiting the power of the national government. they were approved in 1777 but ratified in 1781.a weakness was no national court system.
  • shays rebellion

    uprising in western Massachusetts. the uprising was in opposition against high taxes. as a result Massachusetts legislature enacted laws easing the economic condition of debtors
  • American industrial revolution begins

    the telegraph was a device that used electrical signals to send messages faster. sees advancements in agriculture, clothing, manufactured goods, communication, transportation. clothing inventions- sewing machines
  • bill of rights

    list of the most important rights to a citizens country. the purpose is to protect those rights from infringement of public officials
  • Louisiana purchase

    USA buys Louisiana from France
  • war of 1812

    a cause of the war was British impressment. another cause was they were forcing american sailors to work on their ships. Also the Embarso act of 1807
  • Antebellum

    population growth sparked settlement westward. 1780-2.7mil 1830-12mil population. period between the start of the civil war and after the war of 1812
  • tariff of 1816

    they implemented the tariff to help develop factories. it provided the federal government money to loan factories.
  • Jackson native american policy

    Indian removal. Jackson sympathized with land hungry citizens. He forced re settlement of thousands of native american.
  • Jackson invades Florida

    1818 Spain still has control over Florida. US runway slaves go to Florida. John C. Calhoun authorizes military action against Seminoles(escaped slaves)
  • panic of 1819

    impressive post-war of 1812 economic expansion ended. banks throughout the country failed.
  • spanish flu of 1819

    it was a deadly influenza caused by influenza A virus. it lasted about 15 months. it infected 500 million people, killing a 3rd of the worlds population at the time.
  • Monroe doctrine

    1824 spain only has 3 island colonies, spains colonies begin to revolt.
  • election of 1824

    Monroe leaves presidency after 2 terms. the votes were Jackson- 99 adams-84.
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