1800's-1876 Timeline (by Paxton Crews)

Timeline created by paxtoncrews
  • President Thomas Jefferson

    President Thomas Jefferson
    In 1801, a man named Thomas Jefferson was inaugurated as the third president of the United States after President Adams.
  • the Louisiana Purchase

    the Louisiana Purchase
    In 1803, the United States paid $15 million for the territory of Louisiana, west of the Mississipi River to the Rocky Mountains about 830,00 sq miles. This purchase doubled the United States in size.
  • Lewis and Clarke

    Lewis and Clarke
    In 1804, Lewis and Clarke, went on a requested expedition to explore the western part of the United States and find a way to get to the Pacific Ocean.
  • President James Madison

    President James Madison
    In 1809, James Madison was inaugurated as the fourth president of the United States after Thomas Jefferson's two four-year terms.
  • Texas's Independence

    Texas's Independence
    In 1836, Texas declares its independence from Mexico.
  • the Alamo

    the Alamo
    In 1836, Texan defenders of the Alamo were killed while in the Alamo after a siege attack by the Mexican Army.
  • New State/Country Bonduries

    New State/Country Bonduries
    From 1846-1848 a there underwent process of establishing new borders for Mexico and Texas. Mexico recognized the Rio Grande as their new boundary with Texas for $15 million and ceded territory that compromised the western half of the states.
  • President Zachary Taylor

    President Zachary Taylor
    In 1849, after 8 more presidents, Zachary Taylor is elected as the 12th president of the United States.
  • Glod Rush

    Glod Rush
    Glod is discovered in California in 1848 this discovery led to the gold rush in 1849 at Sutter's Mill in California.