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  • Invention of Telephone

    Invention of Telephone
    Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone,
  • The Compromise of 1877

    Resulted in the US federal government pulling the last troops out of the South and ended the Reconstruction Era
  • Invention of light bulb

    Invention of light bulb
    Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.
  • Found of Interstate Commerce Commission

    Found of Interstate Commerce Commission
    Its original purpose was to regulate railroads to ensure fair rates, to eliminate rate discrimination, and to regulate other aspects of common carriers, including interstate bus lines and telephone companies.
  • Dawes Act of 1887

    Authorized the President of the United States to survey Native American tribal land and divide it into allotments for individual Native Americans.
  • Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890

    Sherman Antitrust Act tried to prevent the artificial raising of prices by restriction of trade or supply, but many people critiqued it for harming society.
  • Tariff Act of 1890

    Enacted to protect domestic industries from foreign competition by raising the average duty on imports to almost fifty percent.
  • Baltimore Crisis

    Baltimore Crisis
    The Baltimore crisis was a diplomatic incident that took place between Chile and the United States. It was triggered by the stabbing of two United States Navy sailors from USS Baltimore in front of the "True Blue Saloon" in Valparaíso. The United States government demanded an apology, and Chile ended the episode when it apologized and paid a $75,000 indemnity.
  • Explosion of USS Maine

    Explosion of USS Maine
    USS Maine was a Navy ship sent from Florida to Havana, Cuba, aiming to protect U.S. interests during the Cuban War of Independence. It exploded in Havana Harbor during the Cuban revolt against Spain and became a major political issue in the United States.
  • Period: to

    Spanish American War

    Conflict between the United States and Spain that ended Spanish colonial rule in the Americas and resulted in U.S. acquisition of territories in the western Pacific and Latin America.