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In History
  • The Battle of Little Bighorn

    A battle between American troops and the Lakota Sioux with Cheyenne warriors. Occurred because of missed deadlines to move to reservations.
  • First Successful Lightbulb Invented

    Thomas Edison successfully created the first working lamp/lightbulb.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    The Chinese Exclusion Act was passed to drastically limit the number of Chinese immigrants, due to racism and other negative things.
  • Great Southwest Railroad Strike

    A strike organized by labor unions and consisted of over 200,000 workers. Several deaths occurred because of the strike.
  • Haymarket Riot

    This was a riot caused by labor strikes and protests which escalated when someone threw a bomb at the police.
  • "How the Other Half Lives"

    Jacob Riis' work, which brought attention to poverty and slums in America at the time.
  • People's/Populist's Party is Formed

    The party formed by farmers as part of the Famers Alliance who were unhappy with the actions of the Republican and Democratic parties.
  • Grover Cleveland is Elected President Again

    Grover Cleveland is Elected President Again
    Cleveland is the only president to serve for two separate terms that were not consecutive. First in 1884.
  • Plessy v. Ferguson

    The case that deemed it constitutional to segregate by race.
  • William Mckinley Becomes President

    William Mckinley Becomes President
    He is notable from history because he was president during the Spanish-Ameican War, a big win for the U.S.
  • America Declares War on Spain

    The Spanish-American War turned the U.S. into a world power, which was caused by Spain and its control over Cuba. The U.S. won the war with ease and Spain was quickly defeated, leaving Pacific and Latin America to be controlled by North America.
  • Treaty of Paris

    This was the treaty signed by Spain, giving up their power over Cuba and other countries and admitting defeat of the war.