1949 - 1965: US Involvement in Indochina

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  • Battle of Xuzhou

    Considered to be crucial for the rise of Communist China
  • Rhee first requested to invade DPRK/NK

    Previously communist guerrillas caused trouble in South Korea
  • Truman first gave aid to French in Vietnam

    $10M for military effort, 15-person MAAG group
  • NK attacks SK

  • Chinese troops enter Korean War

  • More aid to French

    $100M with more advanced military weapons and vehicles
  • Dean Acheson's Speech

    Publicly informed on defence perimeter from Aleutians to the Philippines
  • Stalin received news

    Indicating US would not defend South Korea if it was attacked
  • Truman's presidency ended

    At this point, US public was paying almost 80% of the French bill for Indochina
  • French defeated at Dien Bien Phu

  • Geneva Accords temporarily divided Vietnam

  • US established SEATO

  • Eisenhower articulated Domino Theory

  • Viet Minh took over Dien Bien Phu

  • Start of Geneva Conference

    Representatives of France, Bao Dai, Viet Minh, Cambodia, Laos. US, USSR, PRC and Britain discussed how to end the war in Indochina.
  • US increased aid to South Vietnam

  • NLF increasingly disrupted South Vietnam

  • Kennedy pressured by Bay of Pigs, Laos

  • Strategic Hamlets

  • Battle of Ap Bac

  • Assassinations of Diem and Kennedy

  • Period: to

    Truman gave $2B to war effort

    Compared to $50M for Vietnamese aid