Events of 1968

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  • Tet Offensive

    Tet Offensive
    A series of North Vietnamese attacks on over 100 South Vietnamese cities as an attempt to instigate rebellion within the South Vietnamese population and to encourage the United States to ease its involvement in the war
  • Mr. Scully's Birth

    Mr. Scully's Birth
    The day a history teacher was born into this world and changed the histories of his students
  • My Lai Massacre

    My Lai Massacre
    A company of American Soldiers brutally murdered innocent men, women, and children in the village of My Lai.
  • Lyndon B. Johnson Does Not Seek Re-Election

    Lyndon B. Johnson Does Not Seek Re-Election
    LBJ surprises nation when he chooses not to seek re- election
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination

    Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination
    MLK was assassinated at the age of 39 in Memphis, Tennessee on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel by James Earl Ray.
  • Robert F Kennedy's Assassination

    Robert F Kennedy's Assassination
    RFK was shot on June 5th in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel, California by Sirhan Sirhan after giving his victory speech for winning the California Primary. He died at 1am the next day.
  • Protests at Chicago Convention

    Protests at Chicago Convention
    Thousands of Vietnam War protesters battle the police in the streets of Chicago while the Democratic party falls apart over disagreement on the United State's stance in Vietnam
  • Black Power Olympic Protests

    Black Power Olympic Protests
    During the 68' Summer Olympics in Mexico City Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their fists in protest
  • Richard Nixon's Election Victory

    Richard Nixon's Election Victory
    Former vice president Richard Nixon beat Democratic nominee Hubert Humphrey
  • Apollo 8 Orbit

    Apollo 8 Orbit
    Apollo 8 was the first crewed spacecraft to leave low Earth orbit as well as the first to reach the moon and return.