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  • SSD (solid-state drive)

    SSD (solid-state drive)
    Inventor: Eli Harari/SanDisk Corporation
    Description: A storage device for computers and many other electrical devices. It uses flash based memory to overall speed up your device.
  • WinRAR

    Inventor: Eugene Roshal
    Description: This software is a common file format for reducing many files into a single smaller file size. It can also be used for recovery files.
  • CD-RW

    Inventor: Sony Philips
    Description: This invention allowed data to be edited on the CD. This meaning files could be added or removed from the CD.
  • HD-ROM

    Inventor: IBM and Norsam Technologies
    Description: This invention is very similar to that of regular CDs except it allows provides a storage of hundreds of time more. Also, this technology is able to be written on more durable materials thus giving the data written upon it a longer life span.
  • GeForce 256

    GeForce 256
    Inventor: Nvidia
    Description: While this was not the first GPU (graphics processing unit), it's often thought of as the first for the consumer. This invention increased graphical performance, while allowing the CPU (central processing unit) to process everything non-graphics related.