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  • iPad

    Inventor: Apple
    Revolutionized its usage of being able to act as a powerful portable laptop with its newer generations. (Retail usage, medical usage, so on)
  • Tesla

    Inventor: Elon Musk
    Successfully launched its first fully electric Model S sedan to the general public.
  • SpaceX Rockets

    SpaceX Rockets
    Inventor: Elon Musk
    First company able to reuse rockets without having to build from scrap.
  • VR

    Inventor: Oculus
    Standalone VR for full immersion without the need for a phone or a computer causes a substantial market boom thanks to the Oculus Quest.
  • Crispr

    Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats is a gene editing system that is able to slice strands of DNA. In other words, you're able to take out strands of diseased DNA and replace them with perfectly healthy new strands.