Week 6 - 20th Century Europe (1901-2000)

Timeline created by rafaellaverboonen
  • Marjorie Frances Bruford

    Marjorie Frances Bruford
    Children in Harvest Field (1946). In this piece we see multiple shades of green being used and I believe that’s what draws in the viewers. We also see some children that seem to be enjoying their time in this field, they are away from the world and free in a way. The tone here is very bright and happy, but also calm and serene.
  • Vanessa Bell

    Vanessa Bell
    Church of the Redentore (1949). This entire piece is very open and happy. The variety of colors threw me in, and the church in the background is breathtaking. Now even though the piece was named after the church that’s painted in the background, I believe the painting is about the family you see admiring the church. The colors are all very bright and happy giving the piece a very positive/light tone.