21 Balloons/ Sophia

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  • 7 years ago

    on this date all of the Krakatoan people loaded a ship and sailed away. they did this because Mr.M was selling small dimonds and got enough money to buy a boat.
  • 8 years ago

    8 years ago a young sailor called Mr.M was Shipwrecked onto the island of Krakatoa.
  • Leaving San Fran.

    This was the day that Professor Sherman left San Fran. in his balloon. He was hovering over San Fran. for about an hour and then finally blew away.
  • The 4th Day of the Journey

    This was the morning of the 4th day in Professor Sherman's hot air balloon. His gaarbage had a disgusting odor.
  • The 5th day of Profeesor Sherman's Journey

    on the 5th day of Professor Sherman's journey, he spotted a Japinesse guy fishing in a Japinesse boat
  • 6th day of Journey

    On the 6th day of Professor Sherman's journey, nothing really exciting happenend. it was very calm and uneventful
  • Crash on Krakatoa

    Crash on Krakatoa
    on the 7th day of Professor Sherman's journey, he had crashed on a very small island called Krakatoa.
  • Hole in Balloon

    On the 7th day of Professor Sherman's journey, a seagull had popped a hole in his balloon which caused him to land on Krakatoa
  • First day on Krakatoa

    In the morning of the first day of Krakatoa Professor Sherman had slept for 4 or 5 hours.
  • The Next Morning

    in the Morning of C day, Professor Sherman ate breakfast with his fellow Krakatoans at Mr.C's chinese restaurant.
  • Leaves Krakatoa

    Leaves Krakatoa
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    Professor Sherman left Krakatoa with everybody else who was on the platform that was held by 21 balloons. they left becuase of the volcano thet erupted and spread the whole island apart
  • Leaving Krakatoa

    when the people of Krakatoa were trying to leave Krakatoa, the platform was not moving for a while. It wasn't moving for a while because the hot air from the volcano was pushing them away correctly. they were hovering over the volcano from 5:00 P.M. to 10:00 A.M. the next day.
  • 2nd day of swimming

    This was Professor Sherman's 2nd day of swimming on Krakatoa.
  • Professor Sherman Flying over Countries

    Around 7:00 P.M. Professor Sherman was flying over Scotland.
  • Flying over Countries

    Flying over Countries
    Professor Sherman was now flying over Belgium.
  • Found in Atlantic

    Found in Atlantic
    Professor Sherman Was found in the Atlantic by Captin Simon who was on the S.S. Chunningham.
  • Arrives at hotel

    Arrives at hotel
    this was the day that Professor SHerman arrived at the Murray Hill Hotel.
  • 2nd day in Hotel

    When Professor Sherman woke up in the morning, he found out that his remarkable story had made the front page on almost every newspaper.
  • Leaves Hotel

    Professor Sherman left the Murray Hill Hotel.
  • 5 days on train

    After professor sherman left the hotel, he spent 5 days on a train.
  • Professor Sherman's Balloon Buggy

    At 4:00 P.M. Professor Sherman's balloon buggy was getting ready for him for the next day.
  • The Day Before

    This was the day before Professor Sherman was expecting to give his speech in front of the Western American Explorers Club.
  • Higgins Factory

    The Higgins Factory finished making the balloons in 2 and a half days.
  • The Western American Explorers' Club

    In the first week of October Professor Sherman gave his speech to the Western American Explorers' Club.