Timeline created by Chasecollegiate
  • Proffesor sherman left San Fransisco

    day of journey #1 p.9
  • Profesor Sherman

    gets picked up with twenty one balloons p.29
  • Proffesor Sherman

    in his ballloon watches the coastal line dissapear ten minutes day of journey 1 p,49
  • Proffesor Sherman

    in the Atlantic rescued by s.s cunningham p.9
  • Proffesor Sherman

    rescued latitude 60 degrees and longitude 17 degrees on a tuesday p.12
  • Proffesor Sherman

    in New York checks into the Murray hill Hotel p.13
  • cupola flies away

    lands on an Indian Reservation nine o'clock cupola flies away
  • San Fransisco calms down

  • western american explorer's club was honored

    first week p.9
  • Profffesor shearman

    saves all his garbage p.50 three days day of journey 3
  • garbage smelll in balloon

    the morning of the 4th day p.50
  • Proffesor Sherman

    eats brittish lamb chops on b-day p.80
  • Proffesor sherman

    spots a fishing boat in the afternoon p.51
  • Proffesor sherman

    on his ballooon says it's a calm day and garbage starts to smell day 6
  • Proffesor Shermon

    says his day in his balloon was catastrophic ! p.52 seventh day
  • segulls

    segulls attack Professor Sherman's balloon p.52 day 7
  • down down and down p.s goes!

    seagulls pop Proffessor Sherman's baloon! he throws things overboard so the baloon will rise up and go to the island and not fall into the ocean full of sharks! p.55 day 7
  • Land ho!

    Professor Sherman lands on Krakatoa p.61 four or five hours
  • Proffesor Sherman is a member of Krakatoa

    wakes up in a louis the XIV style bedroom in the morning b-day
  • Proffesor sherman

    hears about the first Krakatoan citezen p.81 years ago b-day
  • Proffesor sherman

    hears about the first krakatoan citezen going to krakatoa seven years ago b-day p.84