4th period-Jack Warner-Wounded Knee Massacre

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  • Souix Reservation

    Souix Reservation
    25,000 Sioux (Lakota) indians forced onto a huge reservaition in South Dakota. Some Indians fiercly resisted this and had a series of violent clashs with U.S. forces sent to force them onto the reservation. Agents sent to oversee reservation.
  • Battle of Little Bighorn

    Battle of Little Bighorn
    Custer led the 7th cavalry and five othe companys make up roughly 200 men against an estimated 1,500-3,000 Sioux warriors led by Chiefs Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse.
  • Ghost Dance

    Ghost Dance
    Indians turn to the ghost dance religion promising to bring back buffalo herds and dead indians. Religion first practiced in 1869 but quickly died out but was reserected by the plains indians and adopted by the Sioux in the early 1880's.
  • Reservation Split

    Reservation Split
    Reservation in South Dakota split into five smaller reservations. Each was overseen by one agent.
  • Sitting Bulls Death

    Sitting Bulls Death
    Sitting Bull was killed just 14 days before the Wounded Knee massacre. He was shot in the side of the head by a reservation policeman while trying to evade arrest.
  • Big Foot Surrenders

    Big Foot Surrenders
    Ill with pnemonia and to hungery resist, Chief Big Foot surrenders himself and his band of ghost dancers.
  • Massacre

    Wounded Knee Conflict happens. 146 Sioux men, women, and children. 25 U.S. cavalry soilders killed most likely by friendly fire.
  • Indian Burial

    Indian Burial
    The dead indians from the massacre were buried in a mass grave.