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  • Religious Requirements for Voting

    Religious Requirements for Voting
    at the time only men could work so there were many thing s you need to have for ex.you need a certain amount of land
  • the pilgrims

    the pilgrims
    they came for religious freedom and they began the thanksgiving.they helped with freedom and they helped the Indians.
  • The purtians

    The purtians
    They came for religious freedom, they weren't tolerant they eliminated anything with worship.they were also very mean
  • Maryland‐ The Catholic Experiment

    Maryland‐ The Catholic Experiment
    they were very tolerant, they also wanted regions freedom.and they were doomed with the catholic experiment
  • Dissent in Massachusetts Bay

    Dissent in Massachusetts Bay
    it was all about Anne Hutchison and Roger willams .And how they stood by there beliefs they didn't believe in what the puritans were saying so they got banned
  • More Dissent in Massachusetts Bay

    More Dissent in Massachusetts Bay
    It talks about how Roger got banned.its say we all have our own rights to are option and they hat Anne and Roger did
  • Quakers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

    Quakers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey
    They wanted regions freedom, they suffered a lot in England for there beliefs they wanted equality
  • The First Great Awakening

    The First Great Awakening
    They were very religious, it says to think within the heart instead of the head it focuses on the inside.there all about faith.
  • Virginia Statutes for Religious Freedom

    Virginia Statutes for Religious Freedom
    This was about how how certain beliefs were sinful like completing men to contributions of money was sinful.etc they were going to do separations