Jane Goodall

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  • Jane Goodall's Childhood

    Jane Goodall's Childhood
    Jane Goodall Childhood Video Jane was born on in London, England. Since she was born she had a love for animals and her parents, Mortimer and Vanne, could see this since she was just over the age of one. She graduated high school in 1952 and could not afford to go to college, so she found work in typing documents and choosing music for documentaries.
  • Jane Travels to Kenya

    Jane Travels to Kenya
    Jane's First Visit to Kenya Video Jane travels to Kenya by boat where she fell in love with Africa and meeting new people. An important person she was able to meet while visiting was the famous anthropologist and paleontologist Dr. Louis S. B. Leakey. She impressed him with her knowledge, that he hired her as an assistant.
  • Jane Begins Studying Chimpanzees

    Jane Begins Studying Chimpanzees
    Jane arrives on the shores of Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Reserve in western Tanzania. She searched for chimpanzee's to study them and learn everything she could about them. They fled from her because they were scared of her. She laters sees two chimpanzees searching for meat and this was her first encounter.
  • Cambridge University Ph.D.

    Cambridge University Ph.D.
    Jane is accepted at Cambridge University as a Ph.D. candidate for her work in Gombe with chimpanzees. She is one of very few people to be admitted without a university degree.
  • Tacare is Launched

    Tacare is Launched
    [ Jane Goodall Speaking to Children Video](http://www.schooltube.com/video/69b57a34204e472a820e/JaneGoodall1)The Lake Tanganyika Catchment Reforestation and Education project, Tacare, is launched. This program helps create a sustainable livelihoods agricultures and protects the habitats of the wild.
  • Jane Goodall Institute

    Jane Goodall Institute
    Jane Goodall Institute Video The Jane Goodall Institute has reached a monumental milestone, because it was fifty years ago that Jane first step foot on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. She now travels 300 days a year speaking about the threats facing chimpanzees and other enviromental crisis.