80's Computer Inventions

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  • VIC-20

    The VIC-20 was manufactured by Commodore International and was deigned to be a home computer. It was very successful and sold over a million units.
  • Seagate ST506 hard disk drive

    Seagate ST506 hard disk drive
    The ST506 was introduced by Shugart Technology and was the first 5.25 inch hard disk drive. It has a 5 gigabyte storage and it was connected through the disk controller.
  • The LIsa Computer

    The LIsa Computer
    The Lisa Computer was made by Apple and was made for individual uses for people who worked in a business. This computer helped grow the use of individual computers.
  • Page Maker

    Page Maker
    Page Maker was created by Aldus and it allowed users to combine graphics and text easily into professional quality documents. The page maker was the beginning of the desktop publishing revolution.
  • Macintosh Portable

    Macintosh Portable
    Macintosh Portable was introduced by Apple and it is the first portable computer. The portable weighed about sixteen pounds and was marketed for about $6,500. Although the Macintosh Portable was discontinued it was the first ever portable computer.