JRB Spain Holidays

Timeline created by barbella7
  • Seville Fair

    Seville Fair
    The people who are invovlved in Seville Fair are the people of Espana as it if public. This is a fair with bull-fighting and parades. The Seville Fair takes place in Seville, Espana. The Seville Fair takes place two weeks after Easter. It started in 1847 and has been a tradition ever since. I could not find why the host they Seville Fair.
  • Pamplona (Running of the Bulls)

    Pamplona (Running of the Bulls)
    The running of the Bulls takes place in cities throughout Spain, Portugual, Mexico and France. Anyone over the age of 18 can particpate. The purpose of this event is the move the bulls from the corrals where they had spent the night, to the bull-ring where they would be killed in the evening. The run is 826 meters. The event takes place from July 7 and goes to July 14. The activities that they do is simply run the bulls from the corral to bull-ring. Since 1910 only 15 people have been killed.
  • Castellers de Vilagranca

    Castellers de Vilagranca
    Castellers de Vilafranca takes place in the summer. Based on my sources I am unable to find a spefic date. The earliest trace I see dates back to 1948 as in my date above. The people who take part of Castellers de Vilafranca is the public. In Castellers de Vilafranca they build towers made of people as you can see in the picture. It happens in Barcaloena, Espana. The group was founded in 1948 in response to the increased interest in human tower building in Vilafranca del Penedès.
  • Tomatina

    Anyone can partispate in this event. La Tomatina is when they have a giant tomato fight. Tomatina takes place in the city of Buñol. It always happens on the last Wednesday of August. Tomatina can be traced back to 1950. There is not really a reason why it happens. The orgin of Tomatina is from 1944, during a parade of gigantes y cabezudos, young men who wanted to participate in the same event were denied and a vegetable stand near by so they used tomatoes as weapons and it has been thatway since
  • Moros y Cristianos

    Moros y Cristianos
    The people who partispate in this event are people from all of Espana. The events that happen are that armies march all day to the sound of the band then a couple of days later the Moors and Christians battle the whole day. Moros y Cristianos occurs between April 22nd-April 24th. It takes place in many cities along the Espana coast but the best takes place in Alcoy, Alicante.