SJE spanish holidays

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  • Seville Spring Fair

    Seville Spring Fair
    The Seville Spring Fair, is held in the Andalusian capital of Seville, Spain.The fair generally begins two weeks after Easter. The fiesta starts with a parade with carriages and riders, at midday carrying Seville's leading people, which make their way to the bullring. Where the bullfighters and breeders meet.
  • Marios y Cristianos

    a peculiar celebration which is held in different cities along the Spanish coast. the best place to see the celibration is Alcoy, in Alicante, where the celebrations take place between the 22 and the 24 of April.
  • Running of the Bulls

    Running of the Bulls
    The most famous running of the bulls is that of the nine-day festival of Sanfermines in honour of San Fermín in Pamplona. where bulls are let out free of there pens and people run with the bulls. The length of the run is 826 meters (903 yards). the first rocket is at 8 a.m. that signals that the bulls are being let out of thier pen
  • La Tomatina

    La Tomatina
    the festvale is held in Buñol. the particapants through tomatos at beach other. the event is held on the last wednesday in August, during the week of festivities of Buñol.
  • castellers de Vilafranca

    castellers de Vilafranca
    a cultural and sporting event were they build human castlles