JG&AT Spain Holidays

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    Feria de Abril

    This fair in Seville officialy begins on Monday at midnight. It normally begins two weeks after Semana Santa (Holy Week) and ends in fireworks display at midnight the following Sunday. A poet named Byron started this because he said Seville was famous for their women and oranges after seeing them at a fair in their colorful dresses.
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    Moros y Cristianos

    The festival takes place form April 21st to April 24th. People in Spain prepare for this all year. They celebrate by fake fighting with 28 armies. This holiday is celebrated because in 1275, the provence of Alicante beat the Moorish forces in the Battle of Alcoy.
  • Pamplona Bull Run (San Fermin)

    Pamplona Bull Run (San Fermin)
    There is evidence of the festival from as far back as the 13th century when the events took place in October durring the festival of San Fermin. The modern day celebration evolved from bull fighting. This is celebrated by the people in Pamplona.
  • La Tomatina

    La Tomatina
    This holiday is a giant tomato fight taking place in Bunol near Valencia. In 1945, when a parade came through the streets with people who had big heads, some kids knocked over a person in the parade. The person fell and started swinging his arms around to protect himself. In retaliation, the kids got tomatoes and started throwing them at the person until the cops came.
  • Castellers de Vilafranca

    Castellers de Vilafranca
    This festival was established in 1948 in Catalonia. In the 17th century a Valencian dance, known as the Ball de Valencian, was very popular. It involves people balancing on others shoulders. This dance became a common tradition and is celebrated yearly. For this holiday people of Spain build towers out of themselves sometimes 9 or 10 stories high.