spanish holidays

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  • Castellers De Vilafranca

    Castellers De Vilafranca
    castellers de vilagranca is an association where the main objective is to build castells, castells are like castles of humans right now they have about 400 human castles it is for any age and no discrimination. Lastly it was a catalon tradition and it started in 1948 in spain
  • Feria de Abril

    Feria de Abril
    It is a huge annual event on the the extensive list of festivals taking place in the cities this festival starts on april 20 and ends on the 25th. It normally starts on monday at midnight and everyday during the festival at noon there is a event calles Paseo de Caballos in that event beautiful girls dressed in there full flamenco dresses are pulled through the city in beautiful carriages pulled by splended horses this is celebrated all around spain but is in seville in maria lucia park
  • Moros y Cristianos

    Moros y Cristianos
    It is a fiesta where the Chrsitian and Moorish armies march around the town all day long with their own bands. There is fireworks, and the whole town is decorated with red cross flag of St. George it starts on april 21 and ends on april 24. It takes palce in espana. The reason they are celebrating it is to celebrate the lost troops
  • Pamplona Bull Run

    Pamplona Bull Run
    The holiday officially begins at midday at the 6th of july every year, and this festival has beeen going since the thirtenth century, and what this holiday celebrates is spains very interesting culture which includes bull fights which is there main celebration and they also celebrate there very diverse types of music and dancing. The people that celebrate this holiday are the people of spain they celebrate it in many stadiums for the bull fights but they also go out onto the street.
  • La Tomatian tomato fight in Bunyol

    La Tomatian tomato fight in Bunyol
    This event starts on the last wednesday of the month and what it is, is a tomatoe fight where thousands and thousands of people come together to have a great time of throwing tomatoes at each other and thousands upon thousands of tomatoes are harvested and bought for this even each year the festival is celebrated in bunol near valencia it starts at 11am and ends at 1pm