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  • Jul 6, 1200


    This festival started in the 13th century. It begins at 8 a.m. every 6th of July. A small group of bulls are let out onto a runway. Volunteers run in front of the bulls and try to avoid getting hurt. This festival lasts from July 6th to July 14th. Bullfights also take place during this holiday.
  • Moros Y Cristianos

    Moros Y Cristianos
    This festival celebrates battles between the Moors and the Christians. People celebrate this holiday by dressing up in medieval outfits. Christians wear fur, armour, and ride horses. Moors wear Arab costumes, carry scimitars, and ride elephants.
  • La Feria De Abril

    La Feria De Abril
    This holiday takes place in Seville, Spain. Girls dress up in colorful dresses and ride horses. There are rides and attractions too. Later in the day, bullfights take place. Fairgrounds are set up and filled with marquee tents.
  • La Tomatino

    La Tomatino
    This holiday takes place on the last Wednesday every August. 30 tons of tomatoes are used for the world's biggest food fight. People come from all over the world to throw tomatoes at each other.
  • Castellers De Vilafranca

    Castellers De Vilafranca
    A holiday for human tower building. The Castellers De Vilafranca is a group of more than 400 people that celebrate this holiday. They can celebrate it at any time of the year. They celebrate it at Vilafranca del Penedes. The holiday is based on an 18th century dance.