American Revolution part 2.

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  • Smallpoxs

    The disease first spread amoung American soldiers in Quebec in 1775.
  • Bernardo de Galvez

    Bernardo de Galvez
    Gálvez sailed from New Orleans with 754 menthe usual mixture of regulars, Creole militia, and free blacks and mulattoes.
  • Morgan

    Morgan won a clear victory at Cowpens.
  • Final Battle

    Final Battle
    The Americans and French lined up in two facing columns.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    Congress approved the treaty, the was was officailly over.
  • Treaty

    Peace talks began in Paris.
  • Washington Farewell

    Washington Farewell
    Washington and his man had their last meal together.
  • Impact of the Revolution

    Impact of the Revolution
    French citizens rebelled
  • Fighting in the West.

    Fighting in the West.
    Throughtout most of the American Revolution,attention was mainly focused on the 13 states along the Atlantic coast.
  • Free and Slave

    Free and Slave
    When i saw liberty poles andt he people all engaged for support of freedom, I couldn't but like and be pleased with such thing.
    The song of liberty.