the American Revolution Part 2

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  • City

    The British took the city of Savannah.
  • Defending the Frontier

    Defending the Frontier
    Seeking to defend against attacks on the frontier, Virginia sent George Rogers Clark and a militia force to strike British forts beyond the Appalachian Mountains in 1778.
  • England

    The most famous naval battle took place off the coast of England in 1779.
  • Floodwaters

    Early in 1779, Clark and his men trudged across 200 miles, at times splashing through icy floodwaters up to their chests.
  • Spain

    Spain declared war aganist Britian in 1779, Louisiana governor Beranardo De Galvez began helping the Americans.
  • Patriot

    Patriot fortunes began to improve in October 1780. Some 900 frontiers fighters defeated a large force of British troops and Loyalists atop Kings Mountain in South Carolina.
  • Columns

    The Americans and French lined up in two facing colums. The British marched glumly between the two columns and tossed their weapons into a large pile on the ground. The victory at Yorktown was the last major battle of the war.
  • Paris

    Peace talks began in Paris in 1782.
  • Congress.

    Congress approved the treaty. The war was officially over. It had been almost excatly eight years since the "shot heard round the world" started the fighting at Lexington.
  • Washington's Farewell

    Washington's Farewell
    Washington and his ranking offficers were reuntied for one last meal together at Fraunces Tavern in New York City.