Civil War Battles!

Timeline created by morganmartin
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  • Pea Ridge

    Earl Van Dorn set to outflank the union position near Pea Ridge.
  • Saint Charles

    Transports proceeded up White River to Saint Charles.
  • Cane Hill

    John Hindman detached Marmadukes calvary from Van Buren north to occupy the Cane Hill area.
  • Prairie Grove

    Thomas Hindman sought to destroy Herron's and James divisons before they joined forces.
  • Arkansas Post

    Confederates had been disrupting union.
  • Chalk Bluff

    William Vandever pursued Marmaduke to Chalk Bluff where the Confederates hoped to cross the St. Francis river.
  • Helena

    Holmes troops attacked Helena in an attempt to relieve pressure on Vicksburg.
  • Hills Plantation

    Samuel Curtis moved to Helena in search of supplies.
  • Devil's Backbone

    James Blunt ordered William Cloud to continue in pursuit of the Confederate forces that had withdrawn from Fort Smith.
  • Bayou Forche

    Fred Steele send John Davidsons calvary divison across Arkansas River.
  • Pine Bluff

    Powell Clayton sent a company of calvary towards Princeton.
  • Elkins Ferry

    Union forces sought a ford to cross the Little Missouri River.
  • Prairie D'Ane

    Fred Steele union forces combined with Thayers divison.
  • Poison Spring

    Dwindling supplies for his army at Camden forced Fred Steele to send out a party to gather food.
  • Marks Mill

    Union forces escorted 240 wagons from Camden to Pine Bluff.
  • Jenkins Ferry

    Fred Steeles forces retreated.
  • Old River Lake

    Mower camped near Sunnyside Landing.