Tang and Song Dynasties

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  • Period:
    Jan 1, 608
    Nov 17, 907

    Tang Dynasty

  • Period:
    Nov 17, 618
    Nov 17, 626

    1st Emperor Tang Gao Zu

    With the collapse of the Sui Dynasty, Gao Zu takes control and begins the Tang Dynasty. He came to power by overcoming various rebelling tribes. He followed many Sui principles of rule, such as a local administration, taxation, and a coinage system.
  • Period:
    Nov 17, 627
    Nov 17, 649

    Tamg Taizong

    Tang Taizong is the second emperor of the dynasty. He came to power by killing his two brothers and pushing his father aside. Thus, Taizong was a tyrant. He moved the capital to Chang'an.
  • Nov 17, 755


    An Lushan, one of the dynasty's most popular commanders, mounted a rebellion and captured the capital Chang'an and the city of Louyang. The revolt was then supressed but caused a lot of damage to the empire.
  • Nov 19, 875

    Huang Chao Rebellion

    Huang Chao was the leader of this rebellion against the Tang government. Later on, it was supressed by the government but it severely weakened the Chinese state.
  • Period:
    Nov 19, 907
    Nov 19, 960

    Period of the Five Dynasties

    Five dynasties followed one another in quick succession in North China after the fall of the Tang. The era is also known as the period of the Ten Kingdoms (Shiguo).
  • Period:
    Nov 19, 960
    Nov 19, 1297

    Song Dynasty

  • Period:
    Nov 19, 960
    Nov 19, 976

    1st Emperor Song Taizu

    Song Taizu began as a military officer. Later on, he was proclaimed emperor by his troops. As an emperor, he consolidated Song authority throughout China. He followed a centralized rule with military force.
  • Nov 19, 1268

    The Battle of Xiangyang

    The Battle of Xiangyang begins. This was a battle fought by the Kublai Khan (Mongols) and the Song. It lasted six years.
  • Nov 19, 1275

    Loss of Suzhou

    Invadig Mongols capture the city of Suzhou.
  • Nov 19, 1297

    Foreign Invasions and Battle of Yamen

    Mongol forces ended the Song dynasty in 1297, when defeaten and incorporated the Song into their empire. The empire fell in the Battle of Yamen.