European Exploration 1400-1800

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  • Nov 28, 1100

    Fighting over the Holy Land

    Fighting over the Holy Land
    European Crusaders fight with the Muslims for control over the Holy Land in Southeast Asia
  • Nov 28, 1400

    1400s Bypassing Italian merchants

    1400s Bypassing Italian merchants
    By the 1400s, European merchants-as well as the new monarchs of England, Spain, Portugal, and France-sought to bypass the Italin merchants. This meant finding a sea route directly to Asia.
  • Nov 29, 1400

    New Vessel

    New Vessel
    Ship builders designed a new vessel, the caravel. The carvel was sturdier then earlier vessels. The triangular sails adopted from the Arabs allowed it to sail effectivly against the wind.
  • Nov 28, 1415

    The Portuguese Explore Africa

    Prince Henrys dreams of over sea exploration began when he help conquer the Muslim city of Ceuta in North Africa.
  • Nov 28, 1419

    Navigation School

    Navigation School
    Prince Henry foiunded a navigation school on the southwestern coast of Portugal.
  • Nov 29, 1488

    Portuguese Saliors Reach Asia

    Portuguese Saliors Reach Asia
    Portuguese captain Bartolomeu Dias ventured far down the coast of Africa until he and his crew reached the tip.
  • Nov 29, 1492

    Spanish monarchs sea route

    Christopher Columbus, convinced Spain to finance a bold plan: finding a route to Asia by sailing west across the Atlantic ocean.
  • Nov 29, 1493

    Rivalry between Spain and Portugal grew more tense

    Rivalry between Spain and Portugal grew more tense
    Pope Alexander VI stepped in to keep peacce between the nations. He suggested an imaginary dividing line, drawn north to south, through the Atlantic Ocean. All the lands to thewest of thr line, known as the Line of Demarcation,would be Spain's. All the lands to the East were Portugal's
  • Nov 29, 1497

    East African Coast

    Vasco da Gama began exploring the east African coast.
  • Nov 29, 1498

    Port Calicut

    Vasco da Gama and his crew reached the port of Calicut, on the southwestern coast of India. He and his crew were amazed by the spices, rare silks, and precious gems that filled Calicut's shops. They filled their ships with spices like pepper and cinnamon and returned to Portugal in 1499. Their cargo was 60 times the coast of the voyage. His dicovery had given Portugal a direct sea route to India.
  • Period:
    Nov 29, 1500

    Gaining control on Asia

    Although Europeans began conquring many port cities in Asia the people still remained unaffected by the European contact.
  • Nov 29, 1509

    Portugal's trading Empire

    Portugal's trading Empire
    Portugal had built a trading empire throughout the Indian Ocean, In 1509 they had taken control of a Muslim fleet and extended their ccontrol off the coast of India.
  • Nov 29, 1512

    Ferdinand Magellan

    Ferdinand Magellan
    Clamied land in the Philippines and Spain began to settle in them in 1506
  • Nov 29, 1514

    Portugal strengthens Hold on Muslim region

    They established a fort at Hormuz. And gained control of the surronding bodies of water such as the Straits of Hormuz connecting to the Persin Gulf and Arabian, and helped stop Muslim traders from reaching India.
  • Nov 29, 1581

    Dutch Republic

    The Dutch broke away from Portugal's rule and became independent
  • Period: to

    Netherlands Control

    Netherlands control over the Indian Ocean trade. The nations capital Amsterdam became a leading commercial trade center. By the 1700s the Dutch ruled much of Indonesia and had trading posts in several Asian countries. They also controlled the Cape of Good Hope on the southern tip of Africa, which used as a resupply stop.
  • Dutch trading Headquarters

    Dutch trading Headquarters
    Established trading headquarters at Batavia on the island of Javaand extended west to conquer several nearby islands. They also seized the port of Malacca and the valuable Spice Islands from Portugal.
  • French traders

    They established an outpost in India but i never showed much profit.