Growing Sectionalism

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    Civil War Era

    Events leading up to the Civil War.
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    -overwhelming majority of votes for lincoln in North, overpowering the southern candidates of the election of 1860.
    -lincoln's election proved the power the north as well as other free states had over the rest of the country
    - Lincoln was selected as republican candidate for his less radical views and having coming from a state whos favor for their party was needed.
    - Angers the south causing the secession of South Carolina and the rest of the deep south
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    -news article released in Charleston, South Carolina declaring their secession from the Union.
    -ineffeciency of the goverment and political power being so strong as to cause states to secede from the union and the chaos in the South that followed the election of 1860.
    -the election of Lincoln in 1860. Since he was a northern republican against slavery, his victory agitated the pro-slave south
    - caused the rest of the deep south to secede, creating the Confederate States and causing the Civil War