Texas Revolution

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  • Land offer

    Land offer
    To defend land from hostile Native Americans, the spanish government offered huge tracts of land to people who agreeded to find settlers for the land.
  • Independence!

    Mexico successfully gained its independence from Spain. Tejas was now a part of the new nation of Mexico.
  • No slavery!

    No slavery!
    Slaver owners became angry when Mexico outlawed slavery.
  • Growing Population

    Growing Population
    By 1830 the population had swelled to about 25,000, with Americans outnumbering the Tejanos six to one.
  • Austin jailed

    Austin jailed
    Santa Anna jailed Austin for almost a year because a letter he wrote stating that if his requests weren't met he wold support breaking away from Mexican rule.
  • "Come and Take It"

    "Come and Take It"
    Mexican soldiers marched to the town of Gonzalas. They had orders to seize a cannon used by the Texans for protection against Native Americans. Texas volunteers had hung a flag over the big gun that said, "Come and Take It"
  • Texas Independence!

    Texas Independence!
    They declared Texas a free and independent republic! Sam Houston was placed in commend of the Texas army. Pictured: Sam Houston
  • The Battle of the Alamo ended

    The Battle of the Alamo ended
    Santa Anna ordered over 1,800 men to storm the fortress. The Texans met the attackers with cannon and gun fire until they ran out of ammunition. By the end of the day only 7 texans were left and more then 1,000 Mexicans had fallen. The Battle of the Alamo was over.
  • Battle of San Jan

    Battle of San Jan
    Houston suprised Santa Ann near the San Jacinto. They chanted the phrase "REMEMBER THE ALAMO!" and "REMEBER GOLIAD!" In less then 20 minute the Texans had killed more than half of the Mexican army. Santa had to sign a treaty giving Texas its freedom.
  • Texas Independence!

    Texas Independence!
    Texans raised the official flga of the independent nation of Texas. Sam Houston became president. Many people in Texas wanted to be part of the United States. They asked congress to annex Texas to the Union. In response Congress voted against the annexation.
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    Texas Revolution!