The Texas Revolution

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  • Land Offer

    Land Offer
    To encourage settlement, Spanish government offers large tracts of land to empresarios.
  • Independence

    Mexico gains independence from Spain. Texas is now a part of Mexico.
  • Slavery

    Slaveowners became angry when Mexico outlawed slavery. But Austin persuaded the government to let the slaveowners keep their slaves.
  • Outnumbered

    The population swelled to about 25,000, with Americans outnumbering the Tejanos, six to one.
  • Request for self government

    Request for self government
    Austin went to mexico city to present a list of requested reforms to mexican officials. The most urgent request was that Texas become a self governing state within Mexico. Santa Anna then jails Austin for a year.
  • Come and Take It

    Come and Take It
    Mexican soldiers recieved orders to seize a cannon used by the Texans as protection against Native American. Texan volunteers hung a sign over the gun that said "Come and Take It"
  • Seize the Alamo

    Seize the Alamo
    Santa Anna's troops surrounded San Antonio and became their seige of the Alamo the Alamo defenders held off the attack 12 violent days.
  • Sam Houstoun is placed in command.

    Sam Houstoun is placed in command.
    Texans met at a settlement, called Washington to decide what to do about Santa Ana's troops. Sam houstoun was placed in command of the Texas Army.
  • San Jacinto River Surprise

    San Jacinto River Surprise
    Houston suprised Santa Anna near the San Jacinto river. The texans screamed "remember the alamo, remember Goliad." In 18 minutes the texans killed more than half the Mexican army.
  • Independence

    Texans raised the official flag of the independent nation Texas, nicknamed the Lone Star Republic. Sam Houston was elected president.