West Germany

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  • The Yalta confrence

    The "big three" (U.S, Britian and France) met to discuss thing such as discuss the division of Germany, reformation of the U.N and the future of Poland
  • Industrial disarmerment of west Germany

    A plan to lower the industrial power of Germany after WW2. This plan sought to abolish German armed forces , ammunition factories and all civilian industries that supported them
  • Forced labor reparations

    Aproximatly 4,000,000 German civillians were used as force labor, clearing minefeilds in France and low countries
  • Marshall plan and currency reform

    The allies charged Germans for occupying Germany, aproxinatly 2.4 billion anually
  • Hostility against Germans

    Post war hostility towards the Germans included food deprivation and neglect particularly to children as there were neglected by Danish doctors who thought treatment was unpatriotic, which resulted in the deaths of many Germans in danish camps, much more than Danes during the war
  • Federal republic of Germany

    Federal republic of Germany establish as its provisional capital known as Bonn.
  • German democratic republic

    The German democratic republic was established in the soviet zone with Berlin as its capital
  • Germany formally proclaimed

    The day east Germany was formally proclaimed
  • Mass rap

    Mass rape of German women by Soviet red army
  • Military occupation ends

    The millitary occupation of west Germany ends
  • NATO

    NATO, allowed west Germnay to join
  • Saarland

    France returns the Saarland to west Germany
  • West Germnay joins the United nations

  • The final settlement treaty

    Berlin becomes the capital of a unified germany
  • Treaty on the final settlement with rspect to germany

    Unified Germany was allowed by the allies of WW2 to become fully sovereign after sighning The treaty on the sinal settlement with respect to Germany