The Texas Revolution

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  • Land Offer

    Land Offer
    In 1820, in order to defend the land from hostile Native Americans, the Spanish offered large tracts of land to empresarios- people who agreed to find settlers for the land.
  • Independence

    Mexico gains it's independence!
  • Outlawed!

    In 1829, Mexico outlawed slavery, and many slave owners were very unhappy.
  • Population

    In 1830, the population had swelled to 25,000, with Americans outnumbering Tejanos 6 to 1.
  • Decisions, Decisions...

    Decisions, Decisions...
    In 1833, Austin went to Mexico City to present a list of requested reforms to Mexican officials. The Mexican president agreed with most of the reforms. But then Santa Anna had learned of a letter Austin had written. He had wrote, "If my requests are not met, I will support breaking away from Mexican rule. That was rebellion. Santa Anna jailed Austin for almost a year. The furious Texans were ready to rebel.
  • Come and Get It!

    Come and Get It!
    Mexican soldiers marched into the town of Gonsalez with orders to seize a cannon the Texans used for protection from the Native Americans. Texas volunteers hung a flag on the cannon saying, Come and Take It, but they never suceeded in doing so.
  • Siege of the Alamo...

    Siege of the Alamo...
    Santa Anna's troops surronded San Antonio and the next day sieged the Alamo. Alamo's defenders held the Mexicans off for 12 days. Santa Anna then sent 1,800 troops to storm the fortress. All but 7 Texans were dead and more than 1,000 mexican soldiers dead.
  • Washington on the Brazos

    Washington on the Brazos
    Texans met a settlement called Washington on the Brazos to decide what to do with Santa Anna's troops. They decided to declare Texas a free and independent republic. Sam Houston was placed in charge of the Texas army.

    Sam Houston surprised Santa Anna at San Jacinto and within 18 minutes, half of the Mexican Army was dead. Santa Anna was forced to sign the treaty saying Texas is an independent nation.
  • NO!

    Texas government asked the U.S. Congress if they could annex with the Union but Congress voted no because they didn't want to throw slave and non-slave states out of balance. They also feared of provoking the Mexican army into war.
  • Independent

    Texans raised the official flag of the independent nation of Texas, nicknamed the Lone Star Republic. Sam Houston was elected president.