Phil Jackson

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  • college ball

    Played college ball at North Dakota and played defense. Had an average of 27.4 points per game as a senior
  • Playing for NBA

    Was drafted by the Knicks
  • Wining the title

    Won the title playing for the Knicks
  • Scoring points

    Jackson scored 11.1 points per game which was his highest output
  • Changing teams

    Jackson left New York to play for New Jersey Nets as player assistant coach.
  • retiring

    Jackson finaly retired
  • First head coaching job

    First year of coaching Chicago Bulls . Won six NBA championships in this nine years as head coach.
  • Period: to

    coaching timespan

  • won championship

    Lead the Lakers to three titles as first stint as head coach from 1999-2004
  • coaching records

    Has a coaching record of 832 wins and 316 losses and also being by far the best precentage of .750 wins in NBA annals